Professional Projects at Udacity

KUKA Path Planning Robotics Challenge 

  • Designed the KUKA challenge by collaborating with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.
  • Built and contributed to the SDK and project environment setup using C++ and ROS.
  • Modeled a maze on CATIA, uploaded it to Gazebo, and sent the drawing drafts to be physically built in Germany.
  • Coded in Python inside a Linux environment and tested multiple path planning algorithms to search for a path inside the maze, and then move an object from start to goal state with the help of a 6-DOF industrial KUKA arm.
  • Offered access to expansive hardware for participants all around the world who solved the challenge locally on their Linux host, uploaded their code to our AWS server, and received a live video feed of their solution deployed on the real-hardware in Germany.
  • SDK GitHub Link:
  • Setup GitHub Link:

NASA Mars Rover Control

  • Implemented a TCP/IP protocol to interface with a Rover inside a Mars-like environment on Unity.
  • Granted programmers with the ability to test their C++ skills inside a Linux environment and write a keyboard teleop program to control the robot in an interactive and fun simulation environment.
  • GitHub Link:

Ball Chaser Robot

  • Designed a skid-steer 4 wheeled drive on CATIA, and imported it to Gazebo. 
  • Created a ball_chaser package in ROS and coded nodes in C++ to make the robot chase white colored balls. 

simple_arm ROS pub-sub architecture

Monte Carlo Localization Algorithm Simulation