Mechatronics and Robotics Projects

Virtual Control of Mobile Robots

  • Developed a virtual control system of mobile robots using a stand-alone Kinect. 
  • Established a virtual steering wheel and object grasping algorithms in which user gestures will be translated to the mobile robot. 
  • Provided a fun an interactive way of controlling mobile robots that will help in assisting the user. 

Virtual Control of Mobile Robots.png

Autonomous Writing and Drawing Robot

  • Developed and built a low cost and stand-alone robotic arm capable of reproducing any paint file or captured image by making use of its onboard camera.
  • Improved user everyday life by simply having a robotic arm that can draw, write or mimic any file accurately.

Generation of n-DOF Serial Robotic Manipulator Workspace

  • Designed new powerful algorithms with the aim of generating the workspace of any n-DOF serial robotic manipulator.
  • Generated three-dimensional graphical representations of the reachable workspace, singular workspace, level of dexterity and workspace boundaries.


Simulation of a 3-DOF Writing and Drawing Robot

  • Designed a three-degrees of freedom robotic manipulator on CATIA.
  • Invented an efficient algorithm that will serve in reproducing any image.
  • Simulated the system on V-REP and verified the outcome before proceeding with the manufacturing phase.

Hand Gesture Military Robot

  • Developed a low-cost robot capable of remotely mimicking the hand gestures of a personnel while driving, aiming and shooting; and translate them onto a mobile robot.
  • Guaranteed the decrease in causalities of war in case the robot is implemented.


Building Integrated Autonomous Firefighting Robot

  • Designed and built a fast response robot capable of traveling to the fire, overcome harsh terrain, avoid obstacles, detect the seat of the fire and extinguishing it in the most efficient manner.
  • Introduced a new mapping technique, where the user will simply add an AutoCAD drawing to the robot.
  • Ensured the safety of the residents, where casualties from uncontrolled fires would be a thing of the past.

Smart Green Home

  • Designed and built a smart green home using different types of sensors and actuators.
  • Received the award of the best project that year and invited to several expositions.
  • Reduced the consumption of energy and improved the comforts of the occupants.