Energy and Power Projects

Simulation of a V4 Renault Engine

  • Designed a four-cylinder V-shape Renault car engine on CATIA.
  • Simulated the engine running and observed the four distinct piston strokes.

Assessment of Performance of Radiators

  • Simulated six different models of heat exchangers designed for internal house heating on ANSYS FLUENT.
  • Revealed the most efficient radiator that should be used for internal house heating.


Switching to Sustainable Energy

  • Performed a study on the Long Island PV solar farm and established methods in order to implement it in Lebanon accompanied by wind, geothermal and hydropower energy.
  • Guaranteed a healthier and cleaner environment in case the project is implemented.


Modeling of the Saturn Conventional Power Train

  • Modeled the vehicle Saturn SL1 on Simulink using the forward-facing approach.
  • Gained an insight of the fuel consumption of the Saturn vehicle when driven in different modes.