Academic Projects

Following is a detailed list of projects that I have been working on during my undergraduate and graduate studies. Click on any title to expand:

Mechatronics and Robotics

  1. Virtual Control of Mobile Robots
  2. Autonomous Writing and Drawing Robot
  3. Generation of n-DOF Serial Robotic Manipulator Workspace
  4. Simulation of a 3-DOF Writing and Drawing Robot
  5. Hand Gesture Military Robot
  6. Building Integrated Autonomous Firefighting Robot
  7. Smart Green Home

Design and Manufacturing

  1. Human Powered Vehicle
  2. Human Stretcher

Energy and Power

  1. Simulation of a V4 Renault Engine
  2. Assessment of Performance of Radiators
  3. Switching to Sustainable Energy
  4. Modeling of the Saturn Conventional Power Train

Engineering Management

  1. Lean Manufacturing Case Study
  2. Planning and Scheduling the Construction of a Building


  1. ParKar