About Me

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I am a Mechatronics and Robotics engineer who mastered both hardware and software skills throughout a long journey of building personal projects, researching, and working in the industry.

I am an online Instructor who trained thousands of programmers and enthusiasts around the world to master programming and robotics skills in order to pursue rewarding jobs.

I am passionate about the autonomous systems field including Robotics, Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Reinforcement Learning.

Engineering Skills


ANSYS, Android Studio, Arduino, AutoCAD, C#, C, C++, CATIA, CSS, Eagle CAD, Gazebo, Git, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Jupyter, jQuery, LabVIEW, Linux, Markdown, MATLAB, Mathematica, Microsoft Office, OpenCV, Primavera, Python, ROS, Simulink, SolidWorks, Tensor Flow, Unity3D, V-REP.


Arduino, electric circuit design, National Instruments DAQ, NVIDIA Jetson TX2, PCB, Raspberry Pi.

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